Chris from Lightning Magic shop learned how to juggle on a summer camp his mum and dad worked at way back in 1993. Since then he has taught over 25,000 people how to juggle at summer camps, fetes, fayres and festivals.

Ryan has successfully run a magic training school over the summer holidays for the past 3 years.

So, if you are looking for a unique way to celebrate a birthday or your school or scout group would like to try and learn new skills, LMS would love to hear from you.  We can cater for groups of 5 - 20.  In our experience, the workshops are best for ages between 8 - 15, but we have had a number of adult groups try their hand as well! You are never too old to learn to juggle!

  • Juggling Balls

  • Juggling Clubs

  • Juggling Rings

  • Spinning Plates

  • Diabolo

  • Devil Sticks

  • Speed Cups

  • Bar Flair

  • Pedal Goes,

  • Unicycle,

  • Tight Rope Walk

  • Slack Lines

  • Kites

  • Stilts

  • And Much More!

Our workshops are very informal and fun with positive supervision from at least two experienced instructors.

We encourage teamwork, leadership, turn-taking, personal and social development. 


Juggling and circus skills are a great way to learn co-ordination, strength and agility and how to focus on a difficult task that takes time and practice to accomplish.



Language Development

Physical Development

Personal Development

Expressive Arts


Speaking and Listening













We can tailor our workshops to fit around your plans for the day with a mixture of Juggling, magic and kite flying (let's see if anyone reads this bit!).


Fetes Fayres and Festivals

If you have got an event planned, Lightning Magic Shop would love to hear about it

Lightning Magic Shop isn't just an online store.  Ryan and Chris love attending fetes fairs and festivals all over the country, meeting new people and blowing their minds with great magic.

Fully self-contained with tables, backdrops and a gazebo, Lightning Magic Shop is happy to attend any event completely free of charge, just get in touch to let us know your plans. 


LMS is fully insured with risk assessments and Chris is CRB checked.