Tumi Magic presents Twister Flavor (Chiclets) by Snake

Tumi Magic presents Twister Flavor (Chiclets) by Snake

So magical it looks like a camera trick - but it's real! 

Twister Flavor creates a fun and exciting transformation for your spectators. Surprise them when they see your gum and magically BOOM!!! It's become another brand of gum and flavor.

An impressive visual moment that happens in a BLINK -- its method is very easy.

The gimmick is of excellent quality. We also explain how to repair it if it gets damaged.

3 incredible effects that will surprise your entire audience.

Includes gimmick ready to use plus explanatory video. All this in an elegant box where you can store your Twister Flavor for added protection.

Twister Flavor can be used by everyone, from an amateur to a professional.

The magic angle is 270 degrees

Two versions: Trident and Chiclets
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    04/02/2018 14:04
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