The Watch - White Classic by Joao Miranda

The Watch - White Classic by Joao Miranda

The Watch is the final answer to the classic watch prediction effect, where the magician correctly predicts any named hour & minute, freely chosen by the spectator. 

Joao Miranda & his team created the holy grail, where there are absolutely no assistants or stooges needed, & with a diabolical method that allows the performer to invisibly input any hour & minute, in less than 3 seconds & with absolute accuracy.

By the simple action of going to the pocket to grab any object, the time input is accomplished.

Take a look at the following features:

- 10 button key pad that the performer presses without even looking
- Remote feedback vibration
- The watch works as an everyday watch
- 15 second delay mode included that allows for a magical reveal
- Magnetic watch activation
- The remote has integrated battery level indication
- The watch battery lasts for over 1000 performances with one single charge
- The watch uses Swedish hybrid motors, which are the world's best
- Rechargeable batteries for both the remote & the watch

Besides all the above features, 4 original effects are fully explained: ACAAN, Time Lapse, Premonition, Objects Routine.

The Watch is a patent pending product (in both design & utility) in over 75 countries, including China & the United States of America.

TV rights are included with the purchase BUT the buyer must give previous knowledge written by e-mail to Joao Miranda Magic, at least 5 days before the TV recording.

1 - Does The Watch tell time?

Yes. You can use The Watch as your everyday watch for over 2 weeks with one single charge!

2 - What is the difference of The Watch when compared to other similar devices?

First it uses a keypad that makes it super easy to perform without the help of any assistants. Also, when the magician inputs the information on the remote the signal is sent every second until the watch hands move! This is a first on any electronic magic product making of The Watch the most reliable on the market.

3 - Does the magician needs to look at the remote?

No! The magician can easily feel the buttons in his pocket thru the fabric & press the buttons directly without hesitation. You will be doing it after right away once you try it out.

4 - How does the magician know the remote orientation in his pocket?

The button "0" was strategically placed isolated & bellow the other buttons. This is fantastic because the magician knows instantly that he is holding the remote in the correct position.

5 - What is the 15 seconds delay mode?

It is a special mode that allows the magician to be hands free if he wished to make a reveal. Example: the spectator says the hour 5.30, which you input in the remote. Then only 15 seconds later the watch hands will move. So, you can show them the wrong hour (the spectator will think the magician failed the trick) but then you pass your hand over the watch & the time is now correct! This is great for reveals if you want a more "magical transformation" of one time into another. In this mode at the 13 second mark the remote will vibrate so that you are left with 2 seconds to place the hand over the dial for the transformation. Everything is extremely well thought out.

6 - What is the maximum wireless distance?

6 meters (20 feet).

7 - How does the magician knows that the watch hands moved into position?

The remote vibrates giving the magician feedback. This is the beauty of this creation & why this effect is reliable. There is always communication & feedback from & to the watch & the remote.

8 - Can the magician perform other effects than predicting time?

Yes! Take a look at the ACAAN performance. It really is a great & original routine. Or the Objects Routine where the hands are pointing to any selected object.

9 - If I order two watches will the remotes communicate with both watches?

No. Each watch we sell is individually programmed meaning that only one remote works with one watch. We did this to prevent issues if there is in the area more than one magician performing the same effect.
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