The Magic of Derek Dingle-Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media

The Magic of Derek Dingle-Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media

Derek Dingle was one of the greatest magicians & sleight of hand artists the world has ever known... & his patter was hilarious! 

Learn how Derek constructed his brilliant routines & devised his hilariously engaging patter!

Included are pix & 10 videos to make this eBook totally understandable... "see" how these tricks play!

As with all of Paul's eBooks, his many effects, & his many contributions & publications, every "fine point" has been eked out in detail, & his "tips of performance" are completely explained.

Paul befriended Derek Dingle years ago & he learned one of his best secrets... how to entertain people!

The Introduction is a hilarious look at how Derek conducted his life & how he approached his magic.

This eBook contains Derek Dingle's BEST & most-used routines, & his funniest patter lines... these are winners!

- The Fabulous Jumping Card Trick - This side-splitting routine can be played close-up, cabaret, or even stage! Paul takes you through each & every step! See the included video of Derek performing this effect. The audience will laugh throughout & applaud you... it plays HUGE! Easy to do!

- Hypnotic Quick 3-Way - This an easy yet amazing piece of Magic, with a video, using only three cards... this is Paul's rendition of Marlo, Dingle, & Cummins tricks, spliced together for a hilarious routine with only 3 cards that will captivate your spectators - the patter really sells this routine!

- The Bluff Shift - This is NOT the Bluff Pass! This is a truly brilliant method to control selections, or 4 of a kind - RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES... without appearing to have done ANYTHING!! A TRUE magician-fooler! Comes with a video.

- Slot Machine - Derek was personally taught a brilliant routine by Dr. Sawa... but Derek changed this bit of "theater" into a VERY easy-to-do masterpiece that will tickle the kids & STARTLE your spectators!! This one is FUN TO DO!!

- Too Many Cards - LOVE THIS ROUTINE!! It combines the Ambitious Card with the Elevator themes & ( combined with Derek's brilliant, funny patter!) ends with a startling KICKER! Video included of Dingle performing this effect!

- Silver Quick - Paul has provided 5 videos, explaining each step of the way for performing this trick. This was Derek's favorite routine. He carried the coins in his pocket & was always ready to perform! It is an ingenious method of making four coins jump from the performer's hand... into the SPECTATOR'S HAND! This is also one of Paul's favorite tricks to perform, having used this very trick for almost three decades! It's THAT good! & NO... it's NOT a knuckle-buster. Routining in its purest form & extremely baffling...

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