Omen Revolution Playing Cards - Red

Omen Revolution Playing Cards - Red


OMEN Playing Cards has been crafted with the envision of bringing a new style into the world of magic, cardistry and card collecting. OMEN is defined by its sleek, modern and striking design that gives the brand an identity of its own and seeks to become a revolution for the new generation of magicians and cardists.


The Revolution deck has no frame and the design reaches the edges in order to create spectacular drawings on extensions and fans.


Fans are an essential element in any deck, and even more if you are a Cardist. This is why we have worked hard on this aspect in every design of our OMEN cards. 


The design of the back of Revolution continues in the faces in a wrap-around way, allowing the creation of fan figures and extensions with the faces as well. This design also allows the indexes to be read more easily.


The faces of our decks have been designed to adapt to modern times; their straight shapes allow a perfect understanding of the clubs and maintain a balance between the classic and our own style and philosophy.


The black tones in the spades and clubs make them easier to read, and we played with more striking tones in the hearts and diamonds.


Aces are very special cards for magicians, cardists and all kind of card lovers. Therefore we wanted to give them the deserved protagonism. The four aces are bigger and the Ace of Spades contains a special highlight with a subtle stroke in the centre, signature from the OMEN logo.


The figures have been adapted to the chromatic range of each deck. We incorporated our own design of the clubs, maintaining the classical design and aesthetics. This way, the spectator can easily recognize them, especially when doing magic.


The two jokers are a great tool for many magic tricks. With the OMEN logo in the centre, the jokers are the signature cards of our brand.


The tuck box was designed to have a very special meaning in each deck. The back symbolizes the past, the front represents the future, and the present resides in the hands of the cardholder itself, which symbolizes that we are in control.


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