Normal-Matt Pilcher video

Normal-Matt Pilcher video

The purpose of this release is to educate & keep our performers safe. 

This effect is the ultimate in Geek Magic. You take a needle & slowly push it through your HAND! Your spectators can see that it IS A REAL needle & it REALLY IS going right through your hand.

This effect dates back hundreds of years & although others have taught the secret previously, those explanations are either no longer commercially available or are lacking some key safety information. Magic creator & ' Student of Bizarre' Matt Pilcher has spent over two years studying this effect & has decided to reveal the secret so those wishing to perform this dangerous stunt can do so safely. Too many people have tried to perform this without proper instruction & advice from a professional.

Pilcher covers everything you need to know. He covers what size & type of needle you should use, how to store your needles, how to locate the safest area on your hand, & what you should expect to feel while performing this.

This release should only be purchased by the serious performer -- this is NOT something to play around with.

"Damn, crazy & BADASS!"
- Luke Gould (Of Skeleton Man Tattoo Studio in Witney, Oxfordshire)

"Incredible, great precision work & truly mystifying!"
- Felicity Denham (Body Piercer & Body Mod Artist at Hook & Eye in Witney, Oxfordshire)

"That's some creepy Halloween type sh*t! That's mad... Good though."
- Dan Ebery (Film-Maker & Magician)

"Dope Bro!"
- David Rangel (Award Winning Magician)

Further information on similar effects can be found in the Swami Mantra book.

WARNING: Performances & explanations within this video are for entertainment & informational purposes ONLY. Any buyer (or viewer) assumes FULL responsibility & shall not hold Matt Pilcher, producers, or any other parties involved with the production and/or distribution of this video responsible for all & any ill effects resulting from the viewing of this video. Perform this material at YOUR OWN RISK & ALWAYS consult a physician before performing anything contained in this video.
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