Mesmerism & Hypnosis (37 Out of Print Books) J Royle - eBook

Mesmerism & Hypnosis (37 Out of Print Books) J Royle - eBook

As many of you who have previously studied materials by Hypnotist Dr. Jonathan Royle will already know, he has stated on many occasions that there is absolutely nothing "new" in the World of Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnosis, Street Hypnotism, NLP & related areas. 

Indeed Royle is well known for advising his students to study old (now out of print) rare books on Mesmerism & Suggestive Therapeutics as Hypnotherapy was previously called.

In that regards Royle has collected together 37 of the most information packed & eye opening books of the past that will educate & entertain you beyond your wildest expectations.

You will receive an interesting mix of books on Hypnotism covering a fantastic array of subjects: Hypnotism & hypnotic suggestion, mesmerism, mind-reading & spiritualism, & much more!

These are not paper-white copies of e-books, some of these titles are 100-150 years old, & these pdf's are scans of the original books.

All these titles are long out of print, & have been scanned by various organizations around the globe. All these books are scans of the original books from Library collections (and 100 years old), therefore, you might get marks, scratches, some text written on it (usually pencil), all sort of things which were done to the books by the Public in the library during the last 100 years. 99% of the pages & illustrations/drawings are intact.

This is a great resource for your personal interest or historical research. All 37 files are in PDF format, organized in alphabetical order in 1 folder. Titles on the DVD are shorter than original in the listing (containing mainly the title + year, no subtitle), but you can match them easily with our listing.

You will need a PDF reader like Adobe Reader (freely available on the internet).

More than 9700* Pages!

37 E-books in PDF Format!


A complete course in suggestive therapeutics in ten lessons (1899)

A Cure For Hypnotism (1919)

An introduction to the study of hypnotism experimental & therapeutic (1920)

Animal magnetism, or, Psycodunamy (1846)

Braid on hypnotism. Neurypnology; or, The rationale of nervous sleep considered in relation to animal magnetism or mesmerism & illustrated by numerous cases of its successful application in the relief & cure of disease (1899)

Complete hypnotism, mesmerism, mind-reading & spiritualism: how to hypnotize, being an exhaustive & practical system of method, application & use

Handbook of suggestive therapeutics, applied hypnotism, psychic science (1913)

Handbook of suggestive therapeutics, applied hypnotism, psychic science (1917)

Hypnotism : its history & present development (1889)

Hypnotism & hypnotic suggestion (1900)

Hypnotism & its application to practical medicine (1897)

Hypnotism & its application to practical medicine (1902)

Hypnotism & treatment by suggestion (1912)

Hypnotism & treatment by suggestion (1923)

Hypnotism for professionals (1953)

Hypnotism in mental & moral culture (1900)

Hypnotism or the Human Mind - What is it -(1900)

Hypnotism Up To Date (1896)

Hypnotism, & magnetism, mesmerism, suggestive therapeutics & magnetic healing (1910)

Hypnotism, its facts, theories, & related phenomena (1893)

Hypnotism, its history, practice & theory (1903)

Hypnotism, mesmerism & the new witchcraft (1896)

Hypnotism; or, Animal magnetism; physiological observations (1899)

Mental & moral therapeutics (1909)

Neurypnology; or, The rationale of nervous sleep, considered in relation with animal magnetism (1843)

Not hypnotism but suggestion; a lesson in soul culture (1906)

Practical Essays On Hypnotism & Mesmerism (1897)

Practical lessons in hypnotism (1901)

Suggestive therapeutics, a treatise on the nature & uses of hypnotism (1880)

Telepathy & the subliminal self, an account of recent investigations regarding hypnotism, automatism, dreams, phantasms, & related phenomena (1899)

The elements of hypnotism, the induction of hypnosis, its phenomena, its dangers & value (1893)

The psychology of reasoning (1910)

The psychology of reasoning (1923)

The Psychology Of Reasoning, based on Experimental Researches in Hypnotism (1922)

The science of hypnotism, the wonder of the 20th century--all known methods explained (1899)

Treatment by hypnotism & suggestion; or Psycho-therapeutics (1913)

What hypnosis really is; a complete & lucid explanation of the art (1896)

*Pages are counted as is, that includes covers/library cards, etc. The amount of pages with actual text might be slightly lower than the original count of 9700.

At just $1.00 (yes just One US Dollar) per book this is an amazing bargain & you would be wise to grab your copy of this package now before the price is raised in the very near future.

The contents of these books without doubt are GUARANTEED to make you a far more Knowledgable, Powerful, Confident & Truly Competent Hypnotist.
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