Cue the Magic by Angelo Carbone

Cue the Magic by Angelo Carbone

Cue The Magic by 
Angelo Carbone is a laughter packed routine that makes a spectator an instant magician. Not only are laughs guaranteed, but the magic is super strong too! Here is the effect... 

You ask your audience who would like to become a magician & perform their very own trick. A volunteer joins you on stage & you ask them to read out the script on the cue cards you are holding. During the routine, a second volunteer comes up on stage who freely names ANY playing card. Eventually when the last cue card comes into view an envelope is seen which contains the freely thought of playing card. Wow!

Cue The Magic packs flat & plays BIG! It is great trick to get a CEO or birthday child on stage & make them the star of the show. You just sit at the side with your cue cards & they do all the performing for you.

There is absolutely no force of playing card. Any card can be freely named & it will be in the envelope. Powerful stuff!

Easy to do yet strong in effect.

As seen on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Complete with custom jumbo playing cards, carry case, interchangeable cue cards, comedy lines & four routines suitable for adults or kids.

So let the magic begin... three, two, one & Cue the Magic!

"Angelo Carbone is one of the most clever & creative minds in magic. Cue the Magic is Angelo at his best & should be in the repertoire of every standup performer."
- Richard Kaufman

"Yet again Angelo has come up with an idea that is so brilliant & combined it with a method that is devilishly simple. Just wonderful!"
- Andy Nyman

"Love this routine. It's as fooling as it is funny."
- Justin Willman

"Stage routines as interactive & entertaining as Cue the Magic are very rare. I love performing it & you will too!"
- Jon Allen

"Cue the Magic is not a trick, it's an ingenious routine."
- Asi Wind
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